Meatch & XTina Wedding

Star Crossed Lovers Unite

Craft Day

Wow craft day was such a success. If it were up to me I would do it all myself. If it were up to me, I would deprive myself of the colorful & exciting experiences of creating something so special with some lovely ladies that mean the world to me. We were able to create all 15 centerpieces, start some name tags and paint the table ID frames. The girls worked so hard & it sure shows. The centerpiece looks so much more vibrant in person.

manzanita centerpiece

This weekend Mitch and I will be selecting the table linen. We will also be finalizing the table seating and creating the seating charts. This is all brought to you by CS4 InDesign! IMO, CS5 bites. It slows every machine I have ever used with it. Illustrator, eh, ok I suppose. Photoshop, well we will leave that to the web boys like my nerd lova Mitch. Ok, got off course a little there.

We are beyond excited to share our day with all of you! This past year has been so amazing. We have had a blast creating our wedding. It pays to have OCD skills and top notch spread sheet abilities. Together you can say we are like Supers! We are, you wait and see come October 8th!


Being In Action

Thanks to my Best Man, Tommy, We got the men’s suits dialed in. It feels so great to be in action with all of this. The feeling of accomplishment – and more importantly how real its becoming. I am so looking forward to our wedding and feel so blessed to share this with all of you.


Ok so the ladies in our wedding are just about set. Well, there still remains the hair and accessories but I trust that the main worry is out! Brittney, our junior bridesmaid not only will be the flower girl but she will also be in charge of our wedding rings.

I was able to spend some time with our God daughter this weekend. The goal for the day was to find her a dress. We were able to find her a dress at Davids Bridal. I had a scare at first because the color picked originally was not going to be received until mid October! Everything worked out. Instead of Brittney’s dress being the same color as the bridesmaids we were able to choose the color “Wisteria.” It is youthful and soft. Just perfect for her.

She was a sport trying on all the dresses I was selecting. After DB we went to the Santa Anita mall to find her the reception shoes. I wanted to get her the same kind that I got, Converse All Star Lo Sparkle. We special ordered her size. The wedding Gawds were on our side that day.

She just got her braces. She mentioned that she wanted to get purple put on for the wedding. She is going to look super Duper CUTE! Mitch and I are so honored to have this little soul present during our celebration. She has brought us so much joy and has enriched our lives on many levels.

Note: Image featured above is not Brittney. I was so excited when we were trying on dresses I forgot to take a picture of her.

DIY: Isle Pomanders

After some trial and error I was able to make a Pomander that I am actually excited about. These particular ones will used for our ceremony at the Rock Garden. I have two values of pastels that I plan to use. Tonight I was only able to get one value done.

I created a step by step PDF of the process (link below). I know other crafty brides many want to use the DIY as a reference as I done so with other creative brides who have posted. I was also able to be create a mock up of a table ID (it mirrors the super hero theme we have going, flippin Awesome!!!), I will post that at another time along with the vector illustrations. There are soooo many DIY projects on the list and I plan to document the whole process (crazy ya!). Our wedding journey has been very colorful and exciting so far. I can only imagine what the big day will encompass once we are there. However for now I will attempt to “Live in the NOW” imperfectly.

Below is the PDF tutorial DIY link, project 1:

OMG ya I’m crazy, and I’m totally cool with that! The goal is to personalize our wedding and to form it to us. Lots of good stuff in the making. Word.

Wedding Invites. Yay!

Our totally non-traditional wedding invitations! Woot-toot (just uploaded them to this awesome website I discovered by other creative brides: I was inspired by 2 things, our website (we are Supers) and an invite that was deeply hidden within the Internet! Mitch has worked so hard to put the design I created together. He is my total fantasy nerd dream guy! Through all the wedding planning so far it is proven that, we are truly a team.

We cannot wait for our big day. I think I found the bridesmaid dresses. I had an adventure at Ikea today to get our table label frames. Tomorrow I will work on the design and more posts about the development to come. For now we are enjoying the process of our union planning. Horah for love!


Save The Dates

Yay our website is finally live! We are still in the process of polishing and spit shining, but decided to set it free for all to see! Mitch and I are so excited to share this part of our journey with you.

Please tune in to learn about the update our our big day. We have some surprises in store. And you may find at times something wonderful about you may be featured here :)

We hope that you have received our “Save The Date” postcards. Hopefully you did not think it was junk mail and toss it (I am aware of a few close calls.) If you did, that’s ok because lucky you we have used it to create our first post! I sketched out the story, Mitch inked it in, and we both transferred it digitally.

I was inspired by our engagement on October 1st, 2010 to re-create the proposal. We had the honor of attending my awesome cousin Benny’s wedding. Thank you Benny and Julie for inspiring us! I still love to think about our time in New York.

. . . stay tuned.