Meatch & XTina Wedding

Star Crossed Lovers Unite


All About Us

He displayed great patience & nerdy teacher jokes in his html/css class. She thought his cheesy jokes and enormous fluid of information presented to her in one sitting was adorable. One day she asked him out for coffee. He declined, maintaining his integrity and values as a professor. Ah but this story shifts the day she graduated when they decided to “hang-out.”

Their first “hang-out” was an adventure to the Santa Anita Mall one Saturday afternoon in the month of March. Both were nervous and excited to be outside the classroom atmosphere. They grew lost in conversation walking around the large mall. It was there that the entire World disappeared. It was only him and her. After hours of talking and walking they both decided to purchase new wardrobes. Strange perhaps but this was the groundwork to their love foundation as you can see.

HE fell in love with her when she dropped her blended beverage in the middle of the mall making a clumsy mess.

SHE fell in love with him when he stood in Forever 21 offering to hold the bundle of clothing she wanted to try on.

7 years later . . .

Mitch & Christina were in New York to witness her cool cousin, Benny Campa and his now wife, Julie B, share their love. The day before, on October 1st, 2010, they walked in Central Park after a morning of rain. Then on a bridge with the city buildings peeking through the park’s trees he got down on one knee. The sounds of a saxophone in the background echoed in the air as Mitch asked xTina that famous question. What do you think she said? It’s all illustrated on the their Save the Dates!

All You Need Is Love! We are supers, stay tuned . . .