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Yay our website is finally live! We are still in the process of polishing and spit shining, but decided to set it free for all to see! Mitch and I are so excited to share this part of our journey with you.

Please tune in to learn about the update our our big day. We have some surprises in store. And you may find at times something wonderful about you may be featured here :)

We hope that you have received our “Save The Date” postcards. Hopefully you did not think it was junk mail and toss it (I am aware of a few close calls.) If you did, that’s ok because lucky you we have used it to create our first post! I sketched out the story, Mitch inked it in, and we both transferred it digitally.

I was inspired by our engagement on October 1st, 2010 to re-create the proposal. We had the honor of attending my awesome cousin Benny’s wedding. Thank you Benny and Julie for inspiring us! I still love to think about our time in New York.

. . . stay tuned.

5 Responses to Save The Dates

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    Michelle Anne Richmond

    I LOVE your save the dates and invitations! Beautiful website too. <3

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      Thanks Michelle. That means so much considering you are a designer yourself AND that you created your own intricate wedding invitations. Oh and website and so on! You were all hands on. Makes it more personal.

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    Lee Anne Graves

    I am truly impressed. Looks like we are gonna have a rockin’ time! This site is so fun! You haven’t missed a single detail. Good work! Thank you for the sweet honorable mention. Your thoughtfulness and kind words is much appreciated.

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      Thanks Lee Anne. We are so excited that you and Matt will be celebrating with us. Esp that we got to share and witness your special day. Cannot wait to see how you capture it all. I know you will take some amazing photos!

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    Lee Anne Graves

    Whoa! You guys are sooo much fun. This site is fantastic. Looks like we are gonna have a rockin’ time celebrating your union! You haven’t missed a single detail. Nice work. Thanks for the kind words and honorable mention. Much appreciated. I’ll be in touch!

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