Meatch & XTina Wedding

Star Crossed Lovers Unite



Dear friends and family,

Should you decide to honor our union with gifts, we would love your contribution to support our Honeymoon in St. Lucia, Caribbean. xTina was not planning to go to a honeymoon. However, after Mitch said that he was and xTina was more than welcome to join him–she changed her mind . . . true story.

For those who still wish to give us a physical gift–we have set up a registry at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.

For more details, see below.

All our love,
Mitch & xTina

Caribbean Destination St. Lucia

St Lucia


If the Caribbean Sea were a catwalk, St. Lucia would be its most bankable supermodel. This 27-mile-long island is lush, mountainous, and blessed with gorgeous beaches and verdant cocoa plantations. The jade-green twin peaks of the Pitons, jungle-swathed volcanic plugs that rise from a silvery ocean on the southwest coast, are the Caribbean’s most striking backdrop.

Donate via PayPal or cash gift would be deeply appreciated.

Registry Club Wedding

Target, Bed Bath & Beyond

Target and Bed Bath & Beyond

For those interested in presenting a wedding gift to the couple, a registry has been established online or in-store at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.