Meatch & XTina Wedding

Star Crossed Lovers Unite

Wedding Agenda

Agenda | Mens Suits

Ceremony Agenda

The following is an effort to keep us all on the same page. You are all near and dear to our hearts–thank you sooo much for contributing to our wedding. It means the world to us!!

We want to generate fun, energy, ease, peace, and equanimity on the day of our wedding. We both understand the benefits of having an agenda, but also feel it can create concerns of having to be a certain way for those involved. We would like to remove these concerns and let you know that the show will go down how it goes down. In other words, please see this as a guideline and roll with the punches.

Kimo & Eden Production Supervisors
We have empowered Kimo and Eden to make decisions on our behalf. They will be point of contact for any questions or concerns that arise throughout the day.

Live Document
This document will be maintained here, so expect it to change/evolve as we encounter reasons to do so. It includes agenda and contact information (separate tabs).

The Agenda